Primary 5… are you looking for something to do?

Have you played all your computer games? Watched too much television? Are you looking for something different to do?  Then perhaps some of the activities on the following websites may be just what you need to make your days more fun. Click on any of the following links  to find activities relating to the Ancient Egyptians, times tables and of course, SNOW!!!!!

Ancient Egypt Facts

Ancient Egypt

Postcards Home (will you be the first person to email a postcard to Mrs Robinson (

Maths Games  (loads of fun times table activities – I liked playing Penguin Jump and Grand Prix)

Ancient Egypt Quiz

Can you find the answers to all of the following questions? If so, email them to me, making sure you number your answers. You do not need to email the questions to me. Good luck!

 1. Which King united Upper and Lower Egypt?

2. The Nile is the longest river in the world. How long is it?

 3. What is Khoh?

4. What desert borders Egypt in the west?

5. When did most Egyptian girls get married?

6. Why is King Tut famous?

7. Name an Egyptian board game that is kind of like checkers.

8. This is a device made out of sticks and a stone that the Egyptians used to move water.

9. Which Pharaoh had over 100 wives and almost 200 children?

10. Thoth had the head of what type bird?

11. Who found King Tut’s tomb?

12. Which Egyptian god had the head of a hawk?

13. Who is the Egyptian god of the underworld?

14. A mummy is wrapped in how many yards of linen?

15. Egyptian embalmers used what type of salt to dry out a body?

16. What was the Egyptian sun god called?

17. How did the sun move across the sky?

18. Which Egyptian god was the guardian of the Underworld and had the head of a jackal?

19. Who was Tutankhamun’s wife?

20. Which Ancient Egyptian monument had to be moved when the Aswan dam was built?

21. Name the countries which neighbour modern Egypt.

22. Who was the longest ruling pharaoh?

23. What was the name of the guidebook for the dead to help them on their way to the Afterlife?

24. What was the other name for Paradise used by the Ancient Egyptians in the Afterlife?

25. How and why was the brain of the dead Pharaoh removed?

26. Gold and silver jewellery was worn by rich people in Ancient Egypt? What material was used to make jewellery worn by poor people?

27. What did the Ancient Egyptians do when a pet died?

And finally some snow challenges. There are four challenges.

  1. What is snow?
  2. Why is it snowing?
  3. Where is it snowing?
  4. How does the snow affect us?

Create a snow journal to record your findings. Design a front and back cover for your journal. The covers could be drawn or produced on a computer.

You can include answers to other questions you have researched as well as some photographs (e.g. icicles), data relating to depth of snow (can you produce a graph using this information?), stories about how the snow changed the daily routines of your family, poems etc.

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