Primary 7 World War One

Knowing how much you are all enjoying learning about World War One you may like to continue to investigate life in the trenches in preparation for work next week. After you have put your sledges away this afternoon go online and access the National Library of Scotland website National Library of Scotland . Search for First World War Official Photographs and browse through the search results. Record details of any photographs you find particularly interesting or moving to discuss in class.

Another amazing site for you to learn about trench life can be found at National Archives. Once you have accessed the website, click Film Archive, then The Great War. You will see, amongst other video clips you may wish to also view, fourteen video clips of Henry Fairhurst, a World War One soldier. These are the clips that are in colour. Henry Fairhurst is played by an actor. Again, in preparation for work next week, make notes of anything you find particularly interesting.