Newtongrange Book Fairies

The Newtongrange Book Fairies are coming and guess what…. They LOVE reading!!!  They want to share their love for reading with the whole community and over the weekend will be hiding books around the school and rest of the community for everyone to find!   The idea of the Book Fairies is simple. At Newtongrange Primary School we love to read and share the books we’ve read. And guess what – everyone loves a nice surprise! These two things come together with the Book Fairies – giving people in the community a chance to take part in the discovery of our hidden books and share a love for reading with all.

From Monday keep your eyes peeled for the books… They could be anywhere, perhaps in the park, Co-op, the gym hall or even your classroom!   So what happens if you find one?  First of all sign the back of the bookmark and enjoy reading the book.  (If for any reason the book is damaged please return it to the school)     When you’re finished reading, simply put the book back where you found it for someone else to find and enjoy!     Ask an adult to share your experience on our school twitter or email the school to see where they have been found!


BlackDiamond 107.8FM  will be broadcasting an interview with teacher, Mrs Mitchell and 2 pupils at around 5.15 pm on Monday 12 March.