Eco Warriors Update

The Eco Group decided in their meeting that they would like to support a local, worthwhile cause. They became involved with the Midlothian initiative ‘Green Santa’ which involves collecting and recycling old toys and donating these to benefit local children. Green Santa encourages recycling old toys by asking the children from across the school to donate one or two items in good condition that they no longer use. The group created posters, launched the ‘Green Santa’ project at assembly and organised collection points for all of these toys. These toys were all collected towards the end of term by the Green Santa project. The Eco Group have been blown away by the generosity of the children and families of Newtongrange Primary and are pleased that over 700 children in our local areas were able to benefit from all of the toys donated. We are yet to receive the final number of toys collected by the Green Santa Project across Midlothian but we will share this as soon as it becomes available to us.