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P1C Fractions Fun

P1C have been learning fractions as in learning quarters and halves, cutting them out and sticking them on paper. P1C have been enjoying learning about fractions and wish to do more!     By Alana P6A and  Morgan P5B.


Our class are learning about the rainforest. We watched a documentary about tribes. It said that they have group jobs like a doctor, hunter and fisherman.  by ADAM AND KALLAN

Forest School

P5A and P5B have been to forest school and it was great. Group 1 and 2 have already been to forest school. Now it is group 3s turn, they just started it yesterday. When group 1 and 2 went the first…

P6A Art Work

 P6A learned about Magritte and his painting. We made a painting of our own, it was fun. by Harry P6A and painting by Rene Magritte        

P7 Camp

 At Camp it was amazing, the activity I loved the most was the 3G Swing that was the best, well for me it was anyway. On the 3G Swing I went all the way up to the top, it was…

Rugby Festival

Some pupils in P6A And P6B are going to a rugby festival on the same day as sports day with other P6’s from other schools. A lot of pupils want to go to the Rugby Festival but others wanted to…

Playground Games

Primary 6A and B have been going outside and being taught some games to teach to primary 1, 2 and 3 when we are in P7. The games are called Time Bomb, critters and volcanoes and another game was called find…

Trip to Arniston House

P4A are going on a trip to Arniston House on the 24th of May on Wednesday. We can’t wait to go, we have to wear jeans, top, jumper, and boots or trainers. by Bibi and Kimberly P4A  

Forest School

P5 went to Abbey Grange Forest for forest school. We got told the boundaries and then picked up dog poo to make our site safe. Then I played build a den with Jack, Mason and Faith. Then we went back…


Camp was great let me tell you. All the schools who are going to Newbattle High School. The camp is in England (long ride on the bus) but thankfully no one was sick. It was so fun I’d love to go again.…