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Everyone has been helping to redesign the nursery. We have been choosing which toys to keep and which ones we are finished with and we are still working on it. We talked to some of the children in the nursery.…

NEW! Football Team

P7B and P7A girls have gathered up to form a girls football team! They do not train with the boy football team but they train near the other team when practising. The girls say they like it a lot and…

P1C Learning about Katie Morag

P1C have been very busy. They’re topic has been on Katie Morag, and so they have been learning lots about her.They even made up their own story and it was called Katie Morag and The Hair Dresser. They said it…

P4B Geography topic

P4B have been doing geography, learning how to make a map of the classroom and looking at things like from a aerial view and a side view. the world by Jay P4B

P5B topic

P5B has being doing a topic about animation and we had to do our favourite movie. We had to do 8 scenes and when every one was finished and then we were to guess everyone’s movie. by Morgan P5B

P7 classroom design :)

P7s classroom design has been taken to the next level as the furniture and the technology is starting to arrive. EVENTUALLY! Primary 7 have been designing a classroom and the classroom we designed will put into real life. So far not…

P2A have been busy!

P2A have been playing french games, learning a Scots poem,finding out new information about Loch Ness and playing numeracy facts games. The pupils said; We have enjoyed it! and My favourite thing about Nessie was learning the poem. We also discovered…

P5A Gullane Beach Trip 1

P5A went on a trip to Gullane beach. It was very good but it was a bit long to get there. We had one stop to get our kit. We got to run up a mountain covered in sand and…

P2B forces topic

P2B are very excited about their new topic Forces. They are going to be learning about the effects of push and pull on toys.  by ADAM P5B and CAMERON P6A


We have been learning about animation and how it works. You could do it with cut outs but don’t glue them down. Or you could use a computer. By Kallan P5