COVID 19 Information

Please click on the links below for the current information and communication about COVID-19.

Communication to Parents:

Parent_Carers_April 2021

Public health COVID19 information to parents carers and staff 290321

NPS Letter to Parents and Carers Return to School P4-P7 March 2021

Parents and Carers 040321

NPS Letter to Parents and Carers 030321


NPS Letter to Parents and Carers Return to School ELC P1 P2 P3

NPS Returning to Newtongrange Primary School Information for February 2021

NPS Letter to Parents and Carers 040221

Parents and Carers 020221.docx

MIdlothian Promise for Delivery of Remote Learning

Live Video Sessions_ Advice for Parents and Carers

Live Video Sessions_ Advice for Pupils

Parents and Carers 200121

NPS Remote Learning Code of Conduct Jan 2021

NPS Letter to Parents and Carers Remote Learning Programme 150121

NPS Return to School for Key Workers and Vulnerable Learners Letter 080121

NPS Remote Learning Letter to Parents and Carers 080121

Letter from Midlothian Council 060121

Parents and Carers 221220

Track and Trace arrangements over Christmas 171220

Contact isolation period change 13-12-20

Letter to All Parents for Single Confirmed Case of COVID 061120

Midlothian Council Update to Parents and Carers 301020

Message from Miss Morgan and NHS Lothian

Coronavirus – Jason Leitch Letter on testing and common colds – 31 August 2020

NPS Contingency Planning Covid-19

NPS Home Learning Guidance For Families

Parents and Carers June 2020

Letter to Parents 19.05.20

Letter to Children 04.05.20

Letter to Parents 01.05.20


Parent/Carer letter 20.4.20

Parent Letter 23.4.20

Letter to Parents Inset Days

Useful Helplines:

EPS Telephone Helpline info 2021

Resource Packs from CAMHS:

CAMHS leaflet parents

CAMHS leaflet under 12

ASN Booklet:

Parent Booklet ASN April 2020 PDF (1)

Mental Health and Wellbeing:

HWB Key messages from PEP

Guidance and Support:

Guidance for Parents Carers on Bereavement during COVID19

Signposting, Advice and Support:


Staying well during social distancing:


Emergency Provisions Support:

Adapted Combined Emergency food etc

NHS Guidance:

Scottish Government Advice:

Midlothian Council Advice:

For information from the Scottish Government to support parents, please click on the document below:

Parent Club Coronavirus Covid19 – Stakeholder toolkit

See below for further information about COVID-19:

Guidance for parents and carers in the event of school closure due to Coronavirus

COVID19 advice for supporting children and young people