Forest School

P5 went to Abbey Grange Forest for forest school. We got told the boundaries and then picked up dog poo to make our site safe. Then I played build a den with Jack, Mason and Faith. Then we went back…


Camp was great let me tell you. All the schools who are going to Newbattle High School. The camp is in England (long ride on the bus) but thankfully no one was sick. It was so fun I’d love to go again.…


P4A is leaning about the ARCTIC . You need warm clothes. Arctic is the coldest place in the world. Polar bears have black fur. by James P4A


P3B have been making the sea, a giraffe, flowers, shapes for robots, museum pictures, frogs, a cross, french flags and maps in art.They have been very busy! BY ARCHIE P6B    

P7 Camp

P7 left for camp on Monday the 8th of May and in the next 4 days had the most fun of their lives. Camp is at a place called Kingswood just east of Newcastle. The camp is an activity camp and it is the…