Ambassador News

This year the school will be working towards achieving the Silver award for Rights Respecting Schools.  The new Decision Making group, with 14 new and enthusiastic Rights Ambassadors, has now been set up.  This year the Ambassadors will be working to make sure all learners and staff within the school are aware of the rights children have under the UNCRC.  This term, the Rights Ambassadors are working hard to make sure to support our understanding of bullying.  The Ambassadors are leading anti-bullying week and have provided each class with activities to be carried out about what can be done to help stop bullying.  Ambassadors have also created a poster called, “Who can I go to if I am feeling worried?”.  This will help all learners to identify people in school and at home whom they can discuss worries with.  Class will also receive a ‘Worry Monster Box’ to design and use in class.