Literacy: Reading for Enjoyment and The First Minister’s Reading Challenge.

Reading for enjoyment has been found to have a huge impact on a child’s educational success and their wellbeing. Newtongrange Primary School has signed up to The First Minister’s Reading Challenge, the aim of which is to foster a passion for reading in
every child in Scotland. The Challenge builds on the good work that the school already has in place. It is also really important
that parents promote a love of reading. As well as reading to very young children, there are great benefits from reading to
children who can already read for themselves. The First Minister’s Reading Challenge has various activities and awards we can get involved in:

– School reading the most books
– Pupil reading the most books
– School reading journey
– Pupil reading journey
– School – community partnership reading journey

Below is a summary of tips to help you support your children become enthusiastic readers:

Find a quiet place to sit and share books.

Make reading a regular habit, if only for 10 minutes a day.

Choose books/comics that are colourfully illustrated.

Read to your child and discuss the story/pictures.

Let your child choose books/comics that interest him/her.

Visit the library to give your child a wide choice of books.

Give your child the confidence to read for themselves by giving them easier texts.

Explore author and publisher websites for ideas and activities to encourage reading.

Be enthusiastic and let your child see that you enjoy reading.

Enjoy reading together; children can read to their siblings.

Read Write Inc Phonics

We are using Read Write Inc Phonics to increase our reading accuracy and fluency, which also helps our comprehension of what we read. The information and tutorial videos below explain the basics of Read Write Inc. Phonics. These will help you to support your child at home.