Wider Curriculum

At Newtongrange Primary School we believe in providing a breadth of opportunities for our learners to enrich and extend their learning beyond the formal curriculum. Through cross stage wider curriculum experiences, learners have opportunities to develop skills for life, learning and work.

Planning for wider curriculum experiences will:

• Support learners in becoming successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.
• Be developed within and across the curriculum.
• Occur in a variety of contexts, including through partnership working, and through a range of learning experiences appropriate to learners’ needs with its potential to add value and relevance.
• Be informed by the need to provide appropriate challenge through the context for the Skills for Learning, Life and Work.
• Allow for skills to be developed within a context.
• Allow for learners to have a clear understanding of the skills they are developing, why they are developing them and give them an opportunity to self-assess their progress.
• Understand how they can be transferred to other aspects of their learning within and beyond school.
• Link each set or group of skills, seeing them as inter-related and complementary, not discrete.

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Wider Curriculum Overview