Music Tuition

Please click on the link below to be directed to information about music tuition in Midlothian.

Detailed below is information from the Midlothian Instrumental Music Service in light of the current COVID-19 situation.

At the moment the Instrumental Music Service is not entirely sure of our contingency plan. We hope to move on to digital platforms which will be accessible for as many of our young people as possible. Delivering lessons may be somewhat of a challenge but we hope our students will continue to practice and progress on their instruments with distance learning in place.

For the time being, I have asked my students to continue playing through their most recent repertoire and move on to the next stage when they feel they are able to.

Something that all pupils can do whilst at home is clean their instrument! I have attached easy to follow guides on how to clean woodwind instruments. See below.

How To Clean Your Clarinet

How To Clean Your Flute

How To Clean Your Saxophone

In the meantime if any parents wish to contact me directly please feel free to share my email address with them – – or let them know about my Twitter page @missdocwoodwind where I intend to post any relevant and up-to-date information.