School Staff List 2023-2024

Head Teacher: Laura Cameron

Depute Teacher: Sarah Burrel

Depute Teacher: Kerry Dolan

Principal Teacher: Amy Dolan

Principal Teacher: Lynsay Mitchell

Acting Principal Teacher: Sally McGurn

Class Teachers

Primary 1MH: Emma McDougall and Laurie Harkness

Primary 1M: Hannah Matheson (Mat Leave), Beth Cooper

Primary 1T: Becca Thomson (Mat Leave), Lynsay Mitchell

Primary 2C: Carri Colburn

Primary 2J: Nicky Johnston

Primary 3R: Lucy Robertson

Primary 3K: Chelsea Kerr

Primary 4B: Angela Bell

Primary 4P: Lauren Paterson

Primary 5H: Kirsty Hill

Primary 5M: Katie McNeill

Primary 6HB: Laurie Harkness and Elaine Bonnar

Primary 6W: Kevin Watters

Primary 7HM: Jenny Halliday

Primary 7T: Kelvin Thomson

Non-Class Contact Time: Steph Thomson

Visiting PE Specialist: Joanne Thom

Visiting Music Specialist: Susan Perry

Support for Learning: Hazel Thomson

Learning Assistants

Kim Cunningham

Megan Linton

Lisa McLean

Kirstie Corbett

Pauline Beveridge

Janie Knox

Courtney Crawford

Audrey MacDonald

Izzy Thomson

Sarah-Jane Stables

Lorna Sinnet

Kayleigh Brown

Sandy Wilkinson


Admin Officer: Andrena Freeland

Admin Assistant: Sharon Hosie

Home School Practitioner: Lee Grieves

Statutory Minute Taker: Charlotte MacMillan