P7 Robot Competition

Both P7 classes are building a ROBOT that is fully functioning and very clever. So far P7 have built the base bot but are moving on to the arms and head. P7 are having lots of fun doing it but…

The Victorians

P6B have been learning about the Victorians here are some facts. Queen Victoria was 5 feet tall! She was born in 1819 and died in 1901.       by Dillon in P6B

P6A Poems

In P6A since Wednesday we have been presenting our poems to the rest of the class and already I don’t know who is the best but I still cannot wait to see the other half of the class.    …

P5A Scotland

P5A are learning about the Scots. Here is some facts. Whisky is made in Scotland. The Scots eat haggis, neeps and tatties on burns night. Scotland has the cutest dog ever. Mason + Kieren P5A

P5 Electricity Topic

P5 learned about electricity.These are some facts about electricity.                    1. You use electricity ever day.                  2. There is a transformer to change the…