Home Activities Nursery – P3

Read story books with a parent/guardian (use reading fans to develop understanding of story)
Make snowballs and count how many you each have- what number comes after/before that number.
Play a game with a parent/guardian/sibling.
Build a snowman with parent/guardian/sibling.
Look for the footprints of animals in the snow.

Find things outside beginning with any sound you have learned.
Practise writing your numbers to 20 in the snow.
Draw a picture of what you can see from your window.
Build two snowmen and see if you can make one taller than or shorter than the other.
Put some snow in a jar and bring it inside. What happens to the snow? Discuss with someone at home.

Practice your common words by writing them in the snow or by using sticks/branches to make the shape of your words.
Build a snowman then write instructions on how to do this. Remember to include materials needed and step by step numbered instructions.
Practise writing your numbers to 100 in the snow.
Make paper snowflakes and decorate them. Discuss how each snowflake is different.
Go for a walk and make patterns in the snow with your shoes. Repeat this pattern and make shapes in the snow.

Make a snow creature and give it a name then write 3 sentences about the creature.
Write instructions on how to make your snow creature.
Draw half of a simple shape in the snow and then get someone to complete the shape to make it symmetrical.
Go on a scavenger hunt and make a list of the things you found. Try to find bigger, smaller items and discuss colour and texture.
Make 4 snowballs and place them in different places and predict the order they will melt and record times taken to melt.