Home Activities P4 – P7

Find sticks/branches in the garden and lay them out in the shape of your spelling/common words.
Write about your day stuck at home, tell us about all the different things you have done. Try to use your senses when you are writing.
Snowball Target Addition – Make 3 targets in the snow and make each target worth a different amount of points from 1-9. On each turn take 3 snowballs and aim for a target. Count up your points at the end of each turn.
Draw a picture of yourself and in your winter clothes. Label your picture.
Fill up a clear cup with snow and measure how fast it melts.
Measure how quickly it takes for water to turn into ice in the freezer and record the results.

Research a topic you really enjoy and create a poster which includes three facts, a title and pictures of your chosen topic.
Watch the news and record 4 things that you heard to share with the class
Measure the depth of the snow in different areas of your garden – compare.
Check the snow for different prints – discuss what might have made these prints.
Design a new winter outfits – jacket, jumper, hat, scarf , gloves and wellies.

Find three interesting words in a book or magazine and practise spelling them in the snow with a stick.
Write poem to describe the weather outside.
What is your favourite hot winter meal? Make a list of the ingredients and explain how they are good for your body.
Snow Sculptures. Use the snow to create some snow animals. Gather bits and pieces from the garden to add some detail.
Make an orange bird feeder.
What you will need: An orange, a sharp knife, a spoon, some bird seed, small twigs and some string.
Instructions: Cut the top off of the orange and hollow out with a spoon. Poke two thin twigs through the orange to serve as perches for the birds. Fill with birdseed and hang with string.

Write an imaginative story about a snowy day or a day you were snowed in. Be as imaginative and creative as you can. Consider winter themed vocabulary and include descriptions of setting, atmosphere, characters and events.
Write an acrostic poem about Winter.
Build a snowman and make him as SYMMETRICAL as possible.
Make up an exercise regime that you could do indoors – what skills would you need?
Fill some plastic cups with snow. Bring indoors, place in 3 different rooms and check often to see which one melts first, second and third. Why did the snow melt quicker or slower? How can you speed this up or slow it down?